Other Blogs

A phenomenal blog by my pal Lexi. Deep Space bitches is fantastically written, SAWN-OFF has really great evocative mechanics and Mimics and Miscreants is perfect for lovers of giant tables.

Do you wish to meet the queen of tables? Cavegirl’s blog is essential for all things dark fantasy. Cavegirl’s work is thematically loaded, compelling stuff. As a tester of Dungeon Bitches I can say it’s shaping up to be something else!

For fan’s of campy sincere fightin’ anime, Khan’s Superlunary might be perfect for you! Def recommend her musings on stats in games.

Arnold K.’s Goblin Laws of Gaming are essential reading to make sense of most of my pals GLOG-hacks. Cannot recommend enough his deep dive on religion in TTRPGs.

There is no higher praise I can give Bret Deveraux’s blog on history and pop culture than that I cannot stop reading it. There is a lot here and it leans quite long but if your looking for some learning that threads the needle of being both accessible and that you can sink your teeth into this is the place!