Valiant Quest

The Game

Valiant Quest is a combat oriented roleplaying game of high adventure and peril. The players take on the role of one or more adventurers and embark upon dangerous quests to obtain gold and build their legends.

Valiant Quest has a deep, strategic combat system filled with tension and drama. The game is deeply concerned with spacing and best played with miniatures and a grid.

The best way to play the game is almost as a mixture of roleplaying game and wargame. Even basic encounters in Valiant Quest will often put you in positions where the best move is unclear. This is a game you can and should try to get better at.

Not only will your characters improve (provided they live), but your own skills will grow too. Valiant Quest is a challenging game and one where the Game Mistress is as much an adversary as she is an impartial referee. You are not owed a story in Valiant Quest and if you wish to be a hero you will need to be clever, lucky, and when the time calls for it… valiant!